28 Day Plant-Based Transition Class

If you have ever wanted to start a new eating plan but couldn't make the recipes work for you, then this is the class for you. Whether you want to add healthier foods to your diet or go completely plant-based, this class will help you transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

Over the course of four weeks, you will be guided through how to design a meal plan specifically for you.

The four sessions are:

Session One-Getting Ready and Where Are You Now?


Wednesday, January 6

You will look at your roadblocks to healthy eating and find ways to overcome them.

Session Two-Let's Get Started!

Wednesday, January 13

You will learn about planning and preparation. Then we will begin designing your meal plan with breakfast.

Session Three-Redesigning Dinner.

Wednesday, January 20

You will explore how a plant-based diet meets your nutritional needs, and what your dinner plate should look like.

Session Four-Lunches, Snacks and Putting It All Together.

Wednesday, January 27

You will put the finishing touches on your meal plan and learn about how to stick with it.

Join me in January on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:00 PM mst.

Class fee: $97