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Schedule a Class

Do you have employees or a group of people who could benefit from a Food for Life Class or Wellness Workshop? Any of the classes can be booked for your group. Classes can be arranged for five to thirty people.

Here's How:

1.  Find the class or workshop below that is right for you.  Classes can be arranged as a series or a single class.

2.  Decide when and where you would like to have your class.

3.  Contact me for more information and pricing.

It's that easy!


               These one hour, small group workshops will teach you how the power of plant-based nutrition can improve your health and help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Join me for a nutrition discussion, a cooking demo, and lots of ideas.

*The power of your plate for good health and weight management

*How foods fight heart disease


*Cancer prevention and recovery


*Diabetes prevention and management


*Eating for healthy blood pressure

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